The team

AWSA-Be's Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from different origins and backgrounds. They bring to the association their various skills: sociology, psychology, pedagogy, translation as well as literature and economics.

The President is: Noura Amer, the administrators are: Renée Clément, Khadija Ounchif, Fatma Karali, and Rachida Mokhtari.

The involvement of the Board in the daily management, design and organization of activities within AWSA-Be has evolved according to the presence or not of paid staff. Currently, the Board is still active on a daily basis and particularly in decision-making and ensuring compliance with the orientation and objectives of the association.

The AWSA-Be team is currently made up of Sarah Swaydan, coordinator of the association, Rihab Mohamadi, project manager and personal development coach, Elena Tadros, project manager and sociology student, and Marwa Neji, researcher in political Sciences.