The association

Arab Women’s Solidarity Association Belgium is an association which is composed of men and women of Arab, Belgian and other origin.
Inspired by AWSA International, created in 1982 in Egypt by Nawal El Saadaoui, AWSA-Be is a feminist, secular and mixed association which takes action for the promotion of rights of women from the Arab world, whether they are living in their country of origin or elsewhere. The association is independent of any form of national, political or religious affiliation. Founded in June 2006 in Brussels, the association thus supports the liberation of women from any political, social, economic or religious domination. The association is a participant in several international and national networks and collaborates, on an ad hoc basis, with many organisations and associations. Moreover, AWSA-Be takes part in many cultural events, festivals and other activities that promote peace, equality and justice throughout the world.

The goals

  • To raise awareness about the living conditions of women from the Arab world and build bridges between different cultures
  • To improve the general image of women from the Arab world in Belgium and encourage exchanges between people


Our values

AWSA-Be is based on a set of values??, shown here in the form of keywords. These values ??argue for the sake of shared respect. More


The team

The board of AWSA-Be is composed of volunteers of different origin and background. More


Our partners

AWSA-Be has chosen to surround itself with partners in order to exchange and share the necessary know-how in the context of projects with common goals. More