In order to achieve its goals, AWSA-Be suggests a large range of regular and continuous activities in which women and men can participate: conferences, training, events supporting Arab artists, solidarity events, Arabic language lessons, a choir and many more.

Our activities aim at encouraging women to free themselves from any form of domination, to break down stereotypes and to promote solidarity in favor of the emancipation of women and living together in diversity. We also want to develop an understanding of women’s problems in their respective societies.

AWSA-Be also participates in many cultural events, festivals and other activities aiming at promoting peace, equality and justice around the world


AWSA-Be makes books available to its members and sympathisers, in Arabic, English, French and Dutch. More information


The choir of the association is a group of women and men who want to put the music of the Middlel East and North Africa in the limelight. More information 

Arabic classes

AWSA-Be proposes modern Arabic language lessons in a secular and mixed framework, in conformity with the values of the association. More information


AWSA-Be puts the spotlight on the art of women from the Arab world through exhibitions of paintings, jewelry …  More information

Women at the café

Several times a year, AWSA-Be organises meetings of women in cafés in Brussels which are usually frequented by men only. More information