AWSA-Be wants to put female artists from the Arab world in the limelight. Whether amateurs or renowned artists, they are invited and encouraged to participate in various exhibitions (paintings, sculpture, jewelry,…) in order to share their art with the public.

The exhibitions of work by female artists from the Arab world present us with another vision of women through art. In this respect, art is a transmitter of well-being, emancipation, and an open door to other cultures.

h2>Photo exhibition

The itinerant exhibition “Femmes du monde arabe, ici ou ailleurs… un regard alternatif” is the result of a contest launched by AWSA-Be in 2009. This exhibition aims at questioning the stereotypes about women from the Arab world.

The main idea is to offer another image of these women and to propose a reflection on these issues. The exhibition pictures come with comments in four languages (French, Dutch, English, Arabic) written by the participants in the contest. The exhibition has been touring different key cultural places in Belgium and has been accompanied by theme meetings, presentations as well as guided visits.

AWSA-Be has also realised a picture-language game based upon the exhibition in order to deepen the debate and to further consider the various issues it addresses.

General information

Are you interested in the exhibition? If you would like to use this photo exhibition in a project or an activity of your own association, you can consult the lending conditions and contact the association in order to book it. AWSA-Be can also, at your request, give presentations or guided visits of the exhibition. The next exhibition will take place in March 2013, in the context of International Women’s Day.