Women at the café

Since March 2008, AWSA-Be organises visits to certain so-called “Arab” cafés in the city of Brussels.. In some neighbourhoods with an important population from the Arab world, many cafés are exclusively frequented by men. Based on this observation, we have created the activity “women at the café”.

These visits aim to create:

  • An area of diversity  of gender but also of origins and social classes
  • An area of sincere, respectful and open dialogue between men and women

In addition to regular visits, AWSA-Be organises special one-off sociocultural events inside cafés such as : concerts of the association’s choir, meetings with Arab female writers, conferences, debates, exhibitions and performances of activist artists.

AWSA-Be also gives, within other associations and organisations and at their request, information workshops, awareness workshops, and training seminars about the activity “Femmes au café”. The goal is to encourage other similar initiatives.