The association

Arab Women’s Solidarity Association Belgium is an association of men and women of Arab, Belgian and other origin. AWSA-Be is a mixed secular association which promotes the rights of Arab women, whether they are living in their country of origin or elsewhere. The association has no national, political or religious affiliation. Click here to know more…

Coming Soon

17-20 August : Festival 'Théâtres Nomades' - Parc Royal de Bruxelles More info

12 September : Choir Zamâan-AWSA - start of rehearsals

13 September : Start of arabic lessons for children (6 to 12) More info

18 September : Start of arabic lessons for adults - first lesson for free! More info

21 September : Internatinal Day of Peace

28 September 5:30 : Demonstration in favour of abortion rights in Brussels'streets

29 September : Final meeting of the project Brux'elles More info

1 October : Choir Zamâan-AWSA at the Festival "Voix sur Meuse" - Liège

1-15 October : Quinzaine de la Solidarité de la Ville de Bruxelles

11 October : International Day of the Girl Child

15 October : Concert of the Choir Zamâan-AWSA for the closing evening of 'la Quinzaine de la Solidarité'

25 November : Demonstration in Brussel to end all violence against women More info - plateforme Mirabal Belgium

1st December : World AIDS Day

1-2 December : "Ensemble pour la Santé" - Plate-forme d’Action Santé et Solidarité More info

18 December : International Day of Arabic Litterature

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The Wallada Library

Several years ago AWSA-Be opened its own library, named after the famous Andalusian poet. The library includes novels and other works themed around women and the Arab world, as well as many reference books on Arabic literature both for the reader's pleasure and for more specialised research. The reader can also find scientific works and educational children's books. The library contains books published in French, English, Dutch and Arabic. For a comprehensive list of works, see our online catalogue.

Theatre : "Quand Fatima se fait appeler Sophie"

AWSA-Be is proud to present the theater play written by Ali Bader : "Quand Fatima se fait appeler Sophie" ("When Fatima is being called Sophie")


Synopsis :

"Quand Fatima se fait appeler Sophie" is based on the true story of a young woman who fled from Middle-East after her husband perpetrated a suicide attack. She reached Belgium and wish to start a peaceful life. By oberving Belgian women, she starts to create for herself a persona called Sophie. The story tells us about Fatima/Sophie's long journey, from Irak to Belgium. Loosing all boundaries, Fatima is loosing herself by trying to adapt. Where will this game bring her?

This story mentions many topics more newsworthy than ever : women's rights, domestic brutality, sexual violences, family, freedom, love, migration, integration, identity, etc.




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